Team Aquapick

Sponsored Athletes and Ambassadors

Joel Clegg
Loves to surf and has orthodontic braces, Joel also loves his Aquapick AQ - 300 and uses it twice a day. He said “The Aquapick Cordless is good but to AQ - 300 is 100 times better. Quicker, far more effective and with the smaller handle it is easy to navigate. I love the feeling of fresh after flossing with Aquapick". Joel Clegg

Keely O’Keeffe
Surf Life Saver
Surf Life Saver and lover her Aquapick. Keenly says "I love my Aquapick, as it’s easy and exciting to use and my teeth feel squeaky clean after using it”.

Nicky Dwyer
Hardcore great person.
I love the convenience of Aquapick, just fill it up with water and off you go. It’s so much better than string floss, gives a more accurate clean. I would recommend this product!

Toby Cunliff-Steel
Toby is the sponsorship manager for rowing Karapiro Inc and has huge ambitions in rowing. Toby does an amazing job in his professional role and if this is any reflection of his commitment to rowing he will succeed in rowing as well. We wish Toby all the very best for his rowing and will support him as much as possible.

Bobby Kells
Robby is a member of the New Zealand quad team looking forward to Rio 2016. With the time the Robby and the team put into training to represent New Zealand the last thing he needs is mouth issues where they can be avoided.

Adam Ling
Adam is New Zealand’s light weight rower in the single skulls and is looking forward to a busy international schedule for 2015 and further to Rio 2016. Adam is newly married to a lovely and very supportive wife, Olivia.

We at Aquapick New Zealand wish all of our athletes and ambassadors all the very best for 2015 and thank them for being great representatives to our company. If you would like to support any of these amazing people in their endeavours please contact Simon Clegg managing director of Aquapick New Zealand.