Why Aquapick

Aquapick is an oral care company aimed at providing a gateway to better health and well being by providing premium oral health care solutions to all that wish to explore them. Formed in 2002, Aquapick's highly skilled team have refined the way we look after our gums and teeth. Notably, Aquapick produced the worlds first water flosser powered by a stainless steel piston pump. This revolutionised water flossing, changing what was a low pressure rinse to a new highly effective flossing alternative. Aquapick is continually researching, designing and delivering the future in oral health care.


Aquapick Water Flossers

From the early days of research, Aquapick discovered that there were three fundamental elements to designing an effective water flosser: water pressure, pulsation rate, and ease of use. To design a water flosser that produced the ideal water pressure and pulsation rate, Aquapick designed and patented the stainless steel piston pump. To make sure Aquapick's water flossers were easy to use, Aquapick designed an ergonomically ideal flossing experience. The result? A range of water flossers that are clinically proven to be up to 50% more effective for improving gum health than string floss, removing 99.9% of plaque from treated areas, and is easier to use than any other flossing alternative. Never thought you could get addicted to flossing? Just wait until your mouth is Aquapick fresh. That is the future of oral care.


Aquapick Sonic Technology

Oral health doesn't end with flossing. Aquapick Sonic Technology produces dynamic vibrations that remove plaque more effectively than manual brushing and prevent gum damage. That is the future of oral care.


Aquapick Infrared Technology

Oral health doesn't end with brushing. Aquapick Infrared Technology sterilises toothbrushes with a CCGL UV Lamp while a PHT heater delivers heat to dry bristles quickly. Sterilised toothbrushes every morning and night. That is the future of oral care.