Better gum health, fresher breath, less pain at the dentist. Smile. Aquapick

Aquapick New Zealand is a gum health company formed after Managing Director Simon Clegg was advised by his Dentist and Dental Hygienist to increase the health of his gums by flossing daily. 

Finding dental floss difficult to use, painful, and just too fiddly, Simon set out to find a more effective way to remove the plaque and bacteria that was damaging his gums. 

In 2014 Josi Imports and Aquapick New Zealand were found and over the course of 6 weeks, Simon used the then AQ - 300 once or twice a day. After six weeks Simon went back to his dental hygienist. Bridget was amazed at the difference in Simons gum health, the difference was noticeable on the initial visual inspection, the redness has reduced, with deeper inspection, where for the past 15 years there had been bleeding and a reasonable amount of pain, there was no bleeding and or pain. 

The results of using Aquapick were astonishing, not only was it easy and gentle to use, it was very effective at increasing gum health. 

Gum disease and gingivitis are very common in adults from the age of just 20 and in some cases younger. Removing the plaque and bacteria is vital and leads are healthier gums and better overall wellbeing. 

In 2015 Aquapick was picked up by progressive dental practices and these practices still recommend Aquapick to their patients today. This shows the quality and focus of customer service that Aquapick New Zealand offers. Simon says he treats every customer like a friend and how Simon would like to be treated. 

In 2017,  Aquapick attended the New Zealand Dental Hygienist conference in New Plymouth. This is where Aquapick was first seen by Robyn Watson, the then newly elected President of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists. Robyn was very impressed by Aquapick, she loved it. Unable to personally endorse Aquapick by name due to organisation rules, Robyn was very impressed by Aquapick and offered support and encouragement. In 2019 Robyns tenure as President of IFDH was handed on and Robyn was able to endorse a product she would be happy to put her name to. 

Aquapick, recommended by Robyn Watson past president of the International Dental Hygienist Association. 

Robyn Watson is a Dental Hygienist who was educated in the USA and practiced and taught in the USA for many years before returning to her home country of New Zealand in 1994 to participate in the introduction of the first school of Dental Hygiene in New Zealand. Since that time, she has been on the Faculty of the Otago School of Dentistry, the Otago Polytechnic, and consulted with the development of the BSc in Oral Health at the Auckland University of Technology where she was a Senior lecturer and NZDHA representative to the Oral Health Advisory Board of the University. 

Robyn is currently the International Liason, Unit of Study co-ordinator for the Dental elective program, and a lecturer in the Department of Periodontics at the University of Sydney. She has served as Vice President and President of the NZDHA and sat on the New Zealand Dental Council for 6 years. She served on the Oral Health Advisory Group to the Ministry of Health and the New Zealand Dental Health Foundation for four years. 

Robyn was invited to attend the Senior Dental Leaders seminar at Harvard University in Boston in March 2013 and has served as the President-Elect of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists for the last two years, where she also chairs the Education and Research Committee. She served on the House of Delegates of IFDH for 12 years representing New Zealand. Recently Robyn was appointed to the Expert Panel of the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future. Robyn received her Dental Hygiene education at the University of Pennsylvania, her Bachelor's degree in Dental Auxiliary Education at the University of North Carolina, and her Masters in Public Administration in Health Services Management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. 

She also has delivered programs internationally for several years during which she has conducted seminars for Universities and professional groups in Australia, New Zealand, UAR, Malaysia Germany, Kenya, Korea, Brazil, Cambodia, Vietnam, East Timor, South Africa, and Indonesia.

Aquapick Recommended by Robyn Watson. 

Word of mouth advertising is better than what money can buy. With more dental practices recommending Aquapick every day to their patients and Aquapick lovers telling their friends how good Aquapick is in 2018 Aquapick was stocked in Harvey Norman. Sales came from recommendations and sales were and remain strong. Aquapick now supplies dental practices all over New Zealand and 0ver 30 Harvey Norman stores making it easy to floss every day for better gum health and fewer cavities. 

Aquapick, available at Harvey Norman.

Aquapick continues to push to increase the health of people all over the world through increasing oral health. 

Oral health, the gateway to overall wellbeing and health.