AQ – 350 I Oral Irrigator


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“Only floss the teeth you want to keep”

Introducing an easy way to floss that is clinically proven up 50% more effective than string floss removing 99.9% of plaque from treated areas. Using warm water the AQ – 350 pulsates water below the gum line to remove plaque and debris that your toothbrush misses. The AQ – 350 is a family-friendly unit and comes with 4 individually coloured jet tips and a 12-month warranty.

The easiest way to floss and care for your gum health. Aquapick works with tight teeth, implants, bridges or crowns, braces or retainer wires, and gum disease.

  • NEW Auto start function – now flossing is even easier.
  • Components: Main Body/ Water Tank/ Jet Tip 4ea/ Jet Tip Holder 4ea
  • Pulsations: 2,400 pulsations/ minute
  • Pressure: 12 pressure settings 10-100psi
  • Water Tank Capacity: 600ml
  • Dimensions: 150X90X210mm (WxHxD)
  • Twice as effective as traditional string floss for improving gum health
  • Ideal for anyone that wants to improve their oral health
  • Tidy with thumb control on/off button
  • Easy to use

I tried the Aquapick for the first time six years ago and loved the product so much, I had to introduce it to the rest of Australasia.
Dentists say flossing is more important than brushing. I dreaded going to the dentist or hygienist because of the pain. Using Aquapick made those visits much more enjoyable because I was looking after my teeth and gums in-between visits.
The difference this product has made to the oral health of my family is massive, and I’m really passionate about sharing it wider. If you’re keen to experience what Aquapick could do you for, please feel free to get in touch with me directly.

Simon Clegg
Director of Aquapick Australasia

  1. Greg Marke

    I purchased the Aquapick water flosser in 2017 after my dentist recommended it to me due to my bad gum health. I went back six months later and he said my gum health had improved massively. I use the Aquapick every day, my teeth don’t feel clean without it. Three years later and it hasn’t missed a beag. Highly recommend!

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