Aquapick is clinically proven to be more two times more effective than string floss. How?

  • Floss in just 70 seconds
  • No need to put your fingers in your mouth
  • The whole family can use it
  • On/off control making flossing tidy

Aquapick works by pulsating water at 2,200 pulsations per minute at up to 100psi removing bacteria and plaque while stimulating blood circulation and reducing inflammation, creating healthy teeth and gums, and leaving you with a fresh mouth.

Simply put, Aquapick is a water blaster for your teeth that more effective than any other oral health care product on the market.

Aquapick’s patented technology is designed to deliver the ideal pressure at the highest pulsation rate making it the most effective water flosser on the market. In turn, Aquapick strengthens gums and reduces cavities more effectively than competing products, including string floss while being gentle and easy to use.

It takes about 2500 impacts for a good clean. The Aquapick AQ – 300 generates 2500 impacts or pulsations in around 70 seconds and using 1 full tank of water. Impact, displace, and flush, perfect for cleaning gum pockets and around teeth and while doing so increases the circulation within the gums. Thus making for stronger, healthier gums and fresh breath.

Water flossers have been around for over 50 years in the US and Europe. Dentist and Dental hygienist throughout New Zealand have, over the past 5 years, seen the difference Aquapick has made. Specifically Aquapick as the AQ – 300 has more power than previous water flossers. Experts suggest using a water flosser at between 80 to 100 psi very effective at removing bacteria, biofilm and food debris.

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