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Aquapick AQ – 300  #1 – best performing product

Flossing with out putting your fingers in your mouth. The most hygienic way to remove bacteria, plaque and food debris.

Floss with Aquapick for better gum health and to reduce the risk of gingivitis and gum disease. 

Water Floss – Using pulsations of water at pressure, not to low that is ineffective or too high that could damage gum health. 


  • Water pressure
  • Pulsation rate
  • 600 mis of water
  • ease of use

Aquapick’s premium AQ – 300 is safe from 10 to 100psi . Better pressure removes more bacteria and plaque while simulating circulation within gums. With 2200 pulsations per minute the AQ – 300 is quick and gentle. It is recommended to use 600 mis of water per clean. This takes just over 1 minute with the AQ – 300. 

Better Oral health for the family

With 12 pressure settings the AQ- 300 is suitable for all family members from the age of 5 yrs of age. Coming with 4 individually coloured jet tips that on average last over 2 years the AQ – 300 is a complete family unit. 

 Aquapick has revolutionised oral health by offering simple solutions to dental care.  Aquapick has taken lead in the dental care market and always look to diversify to enhance customer satisfaction and continue to provide the forefront of dental care. Aquapick, flossing made easy.

Aquapick AQ – 300

Premium water flosser – trust the best

2200 Pulsations per minute

12 pressure settings 10 to 100 psi

600 ml water tank

Easy | Fast | Effective

Aquapick uses water – pulsating like a water blaster – each impact the water displaces and flushes bacteria, biofilm, plaque and food from between the teeth and along the gum line.

With Aquapick’s Oral Irrigators, flossing takes just 70 seconds. 

Aquapick is up to two times more effective then traditional string floss. Now with 2200 pulsations per minute the Aquapick AQ – 300 is the best oral health solution.

Recommended for;

Implants – Crowns and Bridges

Orthodontic Braces and retainer wires

Tight Teeth – Vegan and Vegetarians

Gingivitis – Gum Disease – Bad Breath

Smokers – Bleeding Gums – Receding Gums

Periodontal Pockets

Sensitive teeth and gums

Children from the age of 5yrs

And anyone that wants the best oral health

At Aquapick we know how difficult it is to floss using traditional string floss.

We believe in looking after our oral health without the struggle of dental floss. Flossing daily should be easy, enjoyable and convenient.

Aquapick is recommended by Dentists and Dental Hygienists and clinically proven to be more effective than string floss and interdental brushes.

Keep it simple- Aquapick provides the best alternative to string floss.

Clinical studies show that the impact of the pulsating water hitting the surface of the tooth removes bacteria, biofilm, plaque and food debris caught in gaps which reduces future cavities and bad breath. Pressurised water also stimulates blood flow in gums which is proven to strengthen gums significantly reducing the chance of gum disease. 

WHy is the pulsation rate and pressure important in water flossing?

With 2200 pulsations of water per minute Aquapick is faster and more effective. Each pulsation massages and stimulates deep circulation within the gums, strengthening gums and improving gum health. AQ-300 provides pressure settings from 10 to 100 psi- the correct amount of pressure is vital to effective flossing without damaging gums.

What the experts say about water flossing

President of the  International Federation of Dental Hygienists

Many people find flossing difficult and time-consuming so do not use this method effectively to remove the plaque between the teeth that cause tooth decay and gum disease. The water flosser has been shown in many studies to effectively and easily remove the plaque and reduce the inflammation that causes gingivitis and bleeding gums.

 The water flosser is easy to use and by using for only one minute a day can improve oral health. It can be used by all age groups (children should be supervised) and is particularly beneficial for orthodontic patients, periodontal patients, patients with limited dexterity and patients with diabetes.

 Many dental practitioners recommend the water flosser to their patients to help maintain their oral health. Getting regular checkups, twice daily brushing and ‘cleaning in between’ the teeth will help you keep your teeth for life!

Robyn Watson RDH BSc MPA

“Only Floss the teeth you want to keep”.

Made in Korea