For a limited time receive 1 x 150ml Aquapick Whitening Toothfoam free, when you buy an Aquapick AQ – 350



1 to 2 pumps of whitening tooth foam can be added to the water for healthier gums and whiter teeth. Contains Xylitol for prevention of dental cavities, hydroxyapatite for strong white teeth, Allantoin for the prevention of gum disease and lemon oil for shiny teeth. A fresh mouth wash when you floss.


“Only Floss the Teeth you want to keep”

A sentiment echoed by dentists. Dentists tell us flossing is more important than brushing. Yet, 95% of us have not flossed in the past 3 days and 85% have not flossed in the past 3 months. Using the Aquapick AQ – 350 is even easier, faster, and more effective with the new auto-start and higher pulsation rate. Ideal for cleaning around Implants, Crowns, and Bridges. Perfect for braces and retainer wires, sore or bleeding gums, smokers, and bad breath. 

Aquapick makes flossing easy, fast, pain-free and is proven TWO TIMES more effective than string floss. 

Aquapick is recommended by dentists throughout New Zealand. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me. Call free 0800 74 75 76 or simon@aquapick.co.nz

Simon Clegg – Managing Director, Aquapick NZ

Aquapick AQ – 350 is Ideal for: Dental Implants – Crowns and Bridges – Braces and retainer wires – Gingivitis – Sore or bleeding gums – dental veneers  – bad breath – tight and overlapping teeth – inflamed or puffy gums – smokers – wisdom teeth – receding gums – Periodontal pockets – sensitive teeth and gums.

If you find flossing daily difficult and want the best for your oral health, Aquapick is for you. 


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