Customer Feedback

Rachel Duthie

Happy Aquapick users

We have set up our Aquapick and have read information provided regarding use & care.
Clear instructions and easy to follow.
Also information and use of machine given at Home Show in Palmerston North was great and helpful, which led us to purchase a Aquapick.
Gums and teeth feel clean and fresh afterwards. Easy to set up and not a big and bulky machine. Highly recommend purchasing, you will not regret it.


Fiona Crawford

I have found the aquapick brilliant for the end of the day before bed. I use it each night without fail. Not only does it clean debris from between my teeth, but my teeth feel cleaner and smoother to the touch of my tongue. I feel it will extend the longevity of my teeth and less likely to have the dentist drill used less, of which most of us fear.


Eileen Menzies

Well, today I had a hygienist appointment with Bridget at Kerry Hamilton’s….and a got a great report!!
I had NO bleeding spots on my gums and my gums were in a healthier condition, and I had way less plaque.
Bridget said I don’t have to come as often!!!…YES!!
I just love the water flosser – it is brilliant!!
I’m thinking about a portable one as I missed mine when we were away for a week….couldn’t wait to get home and use it!


I purchased an aquapick with the reservoir in May, as I thought I was experiencing some gum issues. I had been referred to a gum specialist and the appointment wasn't until August. Between then and now, and having visited the gum specialist without him detecting any gum issues, we are convinced the aquapick has solved the minor gum bleeding that I was experiencing. The specialist even reported the aquapick use in the report back to my dental specialists, in Dunedin and Wellington.  

Recently, I was away from home for what was only meant to be an overnight stay but the trip was extended for over a week! What did I miss? My aquapick! So, I rang Simon and ordered the cordless aquapick so that I can take it away on trips with me. 

This is far superior to flossing and much quicker. Although, I can't help myself and still have a quick floss or use the little brushes. It is amazing where the little bits of food come from after brushing with an electric toothbrush and rinsing with water before using the aquapick. Absolutely amazing. 

Kind regards

Ian Denby

My son had just had braces fitted a couple of weeks ago and was really struggling with flossing taking up to five minutes to try to thread the floss through just one tooth! I showed him how to use the Aquapick, and then it was his turn (on lowest power setting).  At that point, I realised just how much food deposit became entangled in his braces after a meal.  The look on his face was almost like I’d given him an early Christmas present!  He is now one very happy boy and the maintenance and care of his braces have no longer become a real chore and something he dreads. In fact, he has become very keen to use it and keep using it!  I did give it a bit of a test by using it to remove debris from 2 or 3 of the usual teeth which trap food especially after a meal of red meat.  I used the Aquapick and then checked to see if the traditional dental floss netted any further trapped meat.  To my amazement, I can say there wasn’t a skerrick of debris left in there!!
I was so impressed.
Thanks again

Kirsten Kirk – Registered Dental Hygienist

I ordered my Aquapick at a hygienist conference.  Charlotte (7) had just had her palatal expansion plate put in.  She loved using the Aquapick every night to clean around the inside of the plate, and it looked so clean once she had.  She had no issues with bleeding or sensitive gingival tissues as a result, seeing there was minimal plaque retention and the area was well aerated via water irrigation.  She wore braces for 18 months and the Aquapick ensured she had no demineralisation of her enamel, she was able to keep her braces very clean, again with minimal gingival inflammation.  She continues to use her Aquapick now as it’s become part of her nightly dental routine and her younger sister Emily (6) is using it too, in place of flossing.  They have no fillings to date, have very good plaque control and healthy mouths.  The benchtop unit sits nicely next to the sink and the small handle is easy for their smaller hands to grip.   They each have their own coloured nozzle which sits in their own little holder.  I would strongly recommend anyone who has a child going through expensive orthodontic treatment, invest in an Aquapick to ensure their child’s oral health is not compromised as a result.  The ongoing benefits will be realised when their braces are removed, and they continue to use water irrigation to supplement their brushing, which is the gold standard of oral health care from a Hygienists point of view.